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Happy Heart Qigong

Learning and Healing Tools 

The items in this store are offered as aids and tools so that you may get full benefit in your journey to physical, mental, emotional and spiritual health. For certain healing and meditation practices, they are needed tools. Just as a carpenter needs a hammer, a screwdriver and other tools to do his work, we also need tools as healers to help us in healing - to heal ourselves or to heal others. All Empowered Objects neutralize negative energy.

Universal Mantra & Healing Sounds CD Chanted by Grand Master Fu
Wuji Gong CD Instucted by Grand Master Fu
Wuji Gong CD Taught by Grand Master Fu
Healing Arts of Emei Qigong Book Level I Book
Wuji Gong Book Forms Book
Empowered Blanket Blanket
Jade Buddha Neclace w/Beads Empowered
Carnelian Mala Neclace Empowered